WhatsApp!!!! No longer just a messaging app. Note taking and Reminder app too.

The world’s most downloaded messaging app, WhatsApp now supports a self messaging feature that allows you to communicate with yourself. Now you can take notes and remind yourself too.

It is possible that you could have been using this feature without your knowledge because this feature was rolled out gradually over a number of weeks. It was first implemented into the world’s most popular messaging app at the end of November 2022. The current WhatsApp release actually notes this.

You could be wondering what is the importance of this newnself messaging feature. It will actually help you to keep documents your documents in the cloud and easy for you to access when needed.

Since the messaging application is constantly used it will act as a good reminder tool. Helping to remind you of the tasks you want to do in a very busy world right.

If you are using your WhatsApp account on many devices for example if you have connected your WhatsApp account to your PC, you will have no trouble finding the files, images, notes and links that you shared with yourself through the self messaging feature. This is because all your conversations are synched when using WhatsApp simultaneously on different devices.

So to use this note taking feature simply tap on the new chat button and select your name. It will appear on top of your chat list and then you can start self messaging yourself. Even better with the note taking feature, the search engine built in your conversations enables you retrieve your notes since they are organized by type.


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