Voice recording on WhatsApp status.

One key features that stands out on Whatsapp, the messaging app that attracts over two billion Active monthly users is the status update where you can let your family and friends Keep track of your daily activities and important memories.

WhatsApp statuses don’t take long as they disappear within 24 hours but still enable you to post anything from text, photos, videos, GIFs and emojis.

WhatsApp has confirmed that they are set to roll out new developments to the status update which will make it more exciting to express yourself with your contacts.

Here are the new features.

Voice status

Imagine no longer just posting a photo with only text but being able to add a voice note to the photo. Interesting, right???? Imagine no more because WhatsApp is yet to roll out this new features to your status update.

If you feel you are this person that feels more comfortable expressing yourself through talking than texting then this voice note feature on the status update is for you. The voice messages one your status will last 30 seconds just like other status up updates.

we’ve added some exciting new updates to the status feature.
Tell it how it is, your way, with voice status. Now you can effortless record and share voice messages on your status.

WhatsApp twitted as of February 7th 2023.

Let’s dive into the next feature

Private Audience selector

There times when you may not want some people to view your status. This could be because your hiding it from them or you are planning to surprise them. Whatever the reason could be WhatsApp is now providing you with the ability to update the status privacy settings for each individual status update. This will help you choose who views your status each time you update it. The most recent audience you choose will be used as the default audience for the next status update.

Status reactions.

Ever since the status reactions was launched last year, users have been asking for status reactions that provide an easy and quick way to respond to statuses of Close friends and family contacts.

Now it’s possible with the new update. Just swipe up of the status you want to react to and then choose one of the eight emojis. Just a reminder you could still use voice messages, texts, stickers to respond to WhatsApp statuses.

Status profile rings for New updates

When one of your contacts updates their status, a ring will be shown around their profile picture to let you that they have update their status. This ring will also be shown on group participants of a group that you might be in, in your chat lists and Also in the contact info of your contacts.

Link previews on status updates

Whenever you post a link on your status, you will be able to see a visual preview of your Link which will make it look better unlike in the past. And this visual preview will happen automatically which will give your contacts a better idea what that Link is about before they can click on it.

The biggest question now is when will these updates start rolling out? According to WhatsApp “The updates have started rolling out to users globally and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks”


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