Uganda Communications Commission to charge Teacher Mpamire $1350 to Film ”Teacher Mpamire on the Street”

A lot has been going on in Uganda over the past few days since the arrest of ‘Bizonto Comedy Group’. The Bizonto Comedy Group members were arrested on July 24th and they are still being held on offences of promoting sectarianism in the country.

The arrest of these people caused a lot of rise by many Ugandans and one of them was comedian, actor Herbert Mendo Ssegujja, better known by his stage name Teacher Mpamire who is most famous for mimicking the Ugandan president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Teacher Mpamire is also most famous for one of his program known as ‘TEACHER MPAMIRE ON THE STREET’.

On a post made by Teacher Mpamire on his social media pages, he stated that Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), the government regulatory body of communications sector in Uganda wants to charge him $1350 to film ‘TEACHER MPAMIRE ON THE STREET’, and also he is supposed to submit the Questions he is going to ask. Plus $100 application fees, including all these fees at every stage of creating content.

Teacher Mpamire also added that, ‘we have never benefited from what we pay and Uganda goverment is like someone who goes to the garden and start harvesting what he never planted, it’s like a man who sees a successful person then comes and says I am the father!’.

Here is the post made by Teacher Mpamire on his official social media pages about the charge Uganda Communications Commission wants him to pay.


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