The National Water and Sewerage Corporation introduces e-billing system

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has rolled out e-billing system which is a new way of paying bills. The e-billing system is being introduced with the aim of replacing the physical bills that were previously being delivered door to door.

According to the NWSC Managing Director, Dr Silver Mugisha, the newly introduced e-billing system is currently being piloted in some areas around Kampala.

In a customer notice issued on Friday, NWSC explained that this is being done to make it easier for the customer to access, receive and manage their water and sewerage bills. This will also include providing account statements to the customers.

NWSC states that customers will receive an SMS message showing units consumed and the outstanding bill at the end of every month. Attached the the message, will also be a link which customers can click and view the detailed water bill. They also added that this will work for both analogue and smartphones.

Despite this new development, National Water and Sewerage Corporation officials said field agents will still come to residences to take physical meter readings to support accuracy of the bill.


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