Renewal of Lapsed Driving Permits to commence on August 15th, 2020.

Following the Global outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, most of the countries were in Lockdown which made the public services to also be suspended. In Uganda, services provided by the Ministry Of Works & Transport was among the Public service suspended due to Covid-19 Pandemic. In Uganda, Ministry of Works and Transport  in partnership with Face Technologies PTY Ltd and Uganda Police Force (Inspectorate of Vehicles) is in charged of issuing the Driving Permit (License) to the Citizens of Uganda.

The Ministry of Works and Transport on the 14th July, 2020 passed out a Public Announcement on Lapsed Driving Permits (Licenses).

According to the the statement by the Ministry of Works and Transport, Section 42, Subsection (4) of the traffic and road safety Act as amended 2020 states, “A person whose driving license (driving Permit) has for any reason net been renewed within a period of two years from the date of expiry, shall, on application for renewal, undergo theory and practical tests before the license (permit) can be renewed and he or she is allowed to retain the group of motor vehicles endorsed in his or her driving license”.

The Ministry of Works and Transport in Partnership with FACE TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD  and Uganda Police Force (Inspectorate of Vehicles), is now pleased to inform the general public that renewal of lapsed permits will commence on 15th August, 2020 in accordance with the above captioned section of the Law.

NB: For one to renew a permit that expired more than 2 years ago, one will be required to undergo both theory and practical tests.

The general public is advised to visit the Ministry’s website/offices or Regional Driving PErmit Offices for more information. You may also call;


KAMPALA: 0393-518586, 0393-518615, 0393-265744

JINJA: 0392-001082

MBALE: 0392001083

GULU: 0392-175596

ARUA: 0393-260038

MBARARA: 0393-260067

FORTPORTAL: 0392175626


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