Online Safety and Security Tips You need to Know

As I look back at some years like 2019, a lot of people’s account and pages like Facebook, emails were hacked and this implies that they totally lost access to their account and every associated details.

As someone who is always browsing over the internet, it is a good idea to take major security and precautions in order to avoid your account from being hacked.

The followings are the Tips that you need to know in order to ensure online security and safety:

  1. Be Careful of the link you click.

One of the trick that hackers use to steal people’s data online is phishing. This may vary from malware attacks to password hacks and sometimes even financial loses.

They may send you an email disguising to be the real service provide and one you click on any link contained in that email then you are vulnerable. So always be careful before clicking any link.

  1. Create strong Password.

One of the best way to protect yourself from being hacked is by creating a strong password. Strong password is a combination of letters and numbers, and if possible unique numbers. Always remember to never share your password with anyone due one reason or the other because it can put your account in danger.

  1. Avoid being too social on social media.

You probably have heard of situation where Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and almost similar social media networking platforms have ditched their users. In other words, try to restrict your activities and details on social networking platforms. Never share too much of your personal details.


  1. Embrace 2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification helps keeps out anyone who should not have access to your account by requiring you or them to use a secondary factor on top of your username and password when login into your account.


  1. Get rid of potentially harmful Apps

It is a good idea to uninstall or remove any App that you suspect is potentially harmful from your device.

Always download your Apps from a trusted source. For Android users, I recommend Google play store as the best and trusted place for installing Apps


  • Do not share your Username and Password with anybody.
  • Always create strong passwords. Your passwords should incorporate lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. As mentioned above, it should be unique.
  • Always sign out and never enable automatic logins.
  • Do not provide your username and passwords at another site except to the site of the bank that you use always.
  • Change your username and password on initial sign in.
  • Memorize your username and password and never share with anyone else.
  • Change your username and password regularly.
  • Always remember to read the terms & Conditions of the site you are using.
  • Report any suspicious emails or websites you may encounter to your service provider.
  • Monitor your account regularly.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi network to access your account as they are usually not encrypted, making it easier for hackers to steal information.
  • Safeguard your device by restricting access to it with a PIN, Password, Pattern or Fingerprint.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth function when you are not actively using to minimize the likelihood of cyber-criminals taking over certain functions.

In case you have more Online safety & Security Tips that we have not mentioned here, please feel free to share with us in the comment section below.


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