NTV Crysto Panda’s New Facebook Page just Got Verified (Bluetick)

Just in case you didn’t know, Crysto Panda, a Ugandan musician and a show host on NTV Uganda lost his Facebook page few months ago. This is because it was hacked by unkwown person implying that he could no longer access it. Crysto Panda was among the few Ugandan celebrities whose social media account were hacked.

Crysto Panda had no option beside creating a new Facebook page. It is a good news because he just posted few days ago that his new Facebook page just got verified (bluetick) by Facebook.

On his post, he declared that his old page was hacked and he promised his followers that there will be no more hacking.

He also added that he has already been verified on Socialize Africa, one of the new platform and requested people to follow him there.


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