Northern Uganda receives First TV Station

Good news coming from Northern Uganda is that a new TV station has just been launched. The new TV station is know as Gulu 8 TV and it is based in Gulu, Uganda.

Information got from a reliable source States that, Gulu 8 TV Uganda will engage in regional news, talk shows and majorly focusing on the Northern Ugandan entertainment industry, spearheading and mirroring Northern Uganda’s artists from music, movie maker and actors, among others.

Gulu 8 TV will be streaming on YoTv app Uganda and also on their official website:

The first show to start showing on Gulu 8 TV is called Celeb Login Show hosted by Ambitious Mari La, Favorite which start today May 08, 2020 at 5:00pm

Who is Ambitious Mari?

You may be asking yourself who this girl is? Well, Ambitious Mari La Favorite real name Marion William Akena is an eighteen (18) years old girl. And she will be hosting a show called Celeb Login Show every weekend at 5:00pm on Gulu 8 TV

Celeb Login Show will also be streamed on Gulu 8 TV YouTube channel, a channel with over 3,000 Subscribers already.


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5 Thoughts to “Northern Uganda receives First TV Station”

  1. OKOT Charles

    Thanks for info, It’s a good progress me personally as Rayne B I support it
    And I think WhatsApp number for the station should be given out.

    1. WhatsApp us: 0780187237 and we will give you the details

  2. Payas

    Can’t wait to tap..

  3. Todi Douglas

    Good development,but this is not the first TV station in Northern,There has been tv stations eg TV Waa,NTV LIra, Maybe was have to be grateful that after the collapse of the previous Tv stations for more than a decade now, A Savior has emerged!!!

    1. We hope they can do it well

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