Next Media’s Afro Mobile App is no longer a free streaming service.

Next media a multimedia business similar to Netflix or any other media streaming platform, is changing  its Afro mobile app to become a paid streaming service not for free. The reason for such a turning point is to enable the media streaming platform earn more revenue. The primary sources of revenue before were advertisements and endorsements. This transformation will make its Afro Mobile app into a paid subscription service. From one television station, Next media has seen a lot of transformation, seeing it grow to three television stations and also including other web products, an online news site, a radio station, and more. Next Media has undergone a transformation that is worth while commending. With such growth and transformation over the years, there is a need for additional revenue to run the business hence an inclusion of a paid tier for the app by the Naguru-based media outlet.The Afro Mobile App strives to fill this gap in local and worldwide content with everything from the most recent breaking news to videos on demand, live streaming, music, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. The Afro Mobile app that has over 500,000 downloads on the Google Play Store alone is striving to bridge a gap between local and international content through its various channels. The app has channels with everything from music, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, videos on demand, and the most recent breaking news. There are a variety of channels, some of which are only on Next media and others are also found in other media houses.

As a user of Next media’s Afro Mobile App you have access to unrestricted watching on all platforms, the option to quit at any time, and low-cost subscriptions as long as you have registered with the same email address. Upon your subscription you have access to all the features above. The subscriptions have varying range of costs and lengths of time depending on what you can afford though their subscription are one of the cheapest in Uganda.

The subscriptions are as follows UGX 5,000 for a month’s access, UGX 1,500 for a week, or UGX 500 for a day’s access. Users can choose from the above subscription plans depending on their usage and needs.  In order to access the streaming app, users will also have to pay for a data package from the internet service providers they use unlike some other streaming services where a data bundle may not be needed to stream.

How to make a subscription

Users will have to first update their version of the app and then proceed to choose the subscription plan of their choice. After choosing the subscription plan the app will then prompt you to enter your wallet option. Currently the app allows payment using VISA or MasterCards, Paypal, and Mobile Money. The latter being being the option that is working well. The first two have issues at the time of writing this article.


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