Microsoft releases Windows 11 22H2, “2022 Update”

Microsoft has yesterday, 21st September released the Windows 11 22H2, formerly dubbed the “2022 Update”. Version 22H2 is a major update that brings a plethora of fixes and refinements to the operating system, improving the start menu, jettisoning some more Windows 8-era user interface designs, adding new touchscreen and window management features.

Since the announcement of the release, people have been talking about it and users of Windows 11 21H2 may be able to see the 2022 update in Windows Update starting yesterday September, 21st, but Microsoft is planning its typical phased rollout to monitor for major problems.

The update will eventually be offered to all windows 11 users, but if you don’t see it, you can use the Windows 11 Installation Assistant or download a fresh copy of the Windows 11 install media to trigger the installation manually.

Microsoft also says that Windows 10 version 22H2 would be released later this month for people who cannot or do not want to upgrade to Windows 11, in keeping with the company’s commitment to supporting Windows 10 through October 2025.


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