Lists of 8 zero-rated platforms you can access for free on Roke Plus Uganda

As a way of helping Ugandan stay effective at home during this lockdown, we have seen different service providers, organizations and some individual doing what they can to help people. We have seen telecommunication company such as MTN Uganda and Africell has zero-rated some educational websites that can be access free of charge.

In the same way, Roke Telkom has also zero-rated 8 resources that will help you stay home effectively during this Covid-19 lockdown, all of these platforms are zero-rated on Roke Plus and when you subscribe, you get a 40% installation Internet.

  1. Skype.

  2. Trello

  3. Microsoft Team

  4. Google Meet

  5. ZOOM

  6. Office 365

  7. Kolibri Education

  8. Classroom

All these resources are zero-rated on Roke Plus and that means there will be no data charge while you are using them.


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