Kola reverse. How to reverse MTN mobile money sent to the wrong number.

A man reversing his transaction

Sometimes, as a mobile money user, you send money to the wrong number, especially when you insert one wrong digit. In the past, whether it was small money or huge money, the only way to get it back from the stranger you sent it to was if that stranger was a good person and could help you reverse the transaction. But in most cases, the possibility of that was narrow. It would most likely be split milk.

The truth is, telecom companies haven’t just been sleeping around; they’ve been working around to find a solution to this kind of problem. And as always, we have seen MTN Uganda take the forefront to try and address this particular issue. MTN Uganda introduced a new feature called Kola Reverse that allows a user to undo a wrong transaction.

How it works

Unlike in the past, where you had to call a customer care helpline, which could be a bit long and unappealing, now all you have to do in such a situation is dial a USSD code to initiate the reverse. As an MTN mobile money user, you will have to dial *165*8*7# and then send. You will be shown your last three transactions and then choose which of the three you would like to reverse.

This new feature will work if some conditions are met. For starters, it will only work if the money has not yet been withdrawn from the recipient’s account through a money transfer agent. In such a case, if the money has been withdrawn, it will be impossible to initiate a reverse with Kola Reverse. Also, if the recipient has a momo loan, it won’t be possible to make a reverse.

Otherwise, go ahead and make that reverse and get your money back that you sent to the wrong number by just following the simple step above. Dial *165*8*7# on MTN Mobile Money, and that’s it.


Remember transaction charges will still apply.



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