Jumia Tech Week 2020: Deals And What To Expect

Jumia Tech Week is one of the promotions that Jumia holds amidst the year. It was formerly known as Jumia Mobile Week where Mobile phones are sold at discounted price.

This year 2020, Jumia has decided to take things a little further. Instead of just giving discounts on Mobile phones, Jumia decided to also include other tech gadgets in this promotion period which resulted to the change of name from Jumia Mobile Week to Jumia Tech Week.

Jumia Tech week is one of the biggest tech sale of the year. From Mobile phones, Laptops, TVs, Fridges, Home appliances and more. You will get better discounts up to 70%. There will also be other things to look forward to like Flash Sales, Giveaways and Treasure Hunt.


When is Jumia Tech Week?

This year’s Jumia Tech Week will run from the 16th of March till the 31st of March, 2020, so it is about two weeks of tech deals and discounts on Jumia.

Deals To Expect in Jumia Tech Week

In this Jumia Tech Week promotions, Jumia has partnered with top companies and brands such as Samsung, Xiamoi, Hp, Microsoft, LG, Nokia and many others implying that there will be many tech deals to expects this Jumia Tech Week. There will also be deals and discounts from Mobile phones, computers, and home gadgets.

In order to prepare for this Jumia Tech Week, saves the dates, download the Jumia App and get ready to buy things at a discounted price when the day comes.

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