Infinix Devices which Qualify for the FREE 5GB Airtel Data

Infinix Mobile Uganda recently entered a partnership with Airtel Uganda to launch an  all upgraded smartphone; the Infinix NOTE 7. In this partnership, Airtel Uganda will be supporting customers who purchase the Infinix NOTE 7 by offering them free 5GB data for the first month.

In addition to the free 5GB data offer given to the Airtel custommers for purchasing the Infinix NOTE 7 device, Infinix Mobile Uganda and Airtel also added the list of devices which qualify for the free 5GB Airtel Data.

Just in case you didn’t know, Infinix Mobility released more than 5 phones in 2020 and they include Infinix NOTE 7 series which comes with Infinix NOTE 7 (128 GB and 64GB version) and Infinix NOTE 7 LITE and also the Infinix HOT 9 and HOT 9 PLAY and also not forgeting the Infinix S5 PRO. All the above devices are now available in Uganda and you can get them from any Infinix branded shop or Airtel Service Center across the country.

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The following are the the list of devices which qualify for the FREE 5GB Airtel Data valid for the first month and how to activate it.

  • Infinix NOTE 7

  • Infinix NOTE 7 LITE

  • Infinix S5 PRO

  • Infinix HOT 9

  • Infinix HOT 9 PLAY

How to activate the FREE 5GB Airtel Data on Infinix Devices?

After purchasing the Infinix devices; NOTE7, NOTE7 LITE, S5 PRO, HOT 9 or HOT 9 PLAY, customers with Airtel registered number will have to;

  1. Insert your Airtel SIM Card in the SIM slot 1 of any of the above selected Infinix devices.
  2. Dial *175*9*9# and the FREE data will automatically processed and sent to you in less that a minute.

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