If your phone says illegal use, will power off soon, here’s what you need to do?

So has your itel button phone ever misbehaved and a notification came as, “Illegal use, will power off soon”? Well, you don’t need to panic because you are not in trouble and your phone will come back to normal after reading this.

This is a common problem in some of the phones made from China but the good news is, it can be fixed in less than 1 minute.

What You Need To Do?

  1. Remove the battery and the SIM Cards from the phone.
  2. Put back the battery only on the phone.
  3. Power ON the phone. It should power on normally without any problem.
  4. Navigate to the setting of your phone and perform a factory reset by selecting restore factory setting.
  5. Enter the default reset code, which is normally 0000, 1111 or 1122 and tap OK.
  6. Your phone will be taken back to the factory setting and will work perfectly after inserting the SIM Card.

We hope this article has been able to help you fix back your phone to normal. Thanks for coming to ugtechub and we hope to see you again soon.

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