How To Tell If Someone Went Through Your Phone

Sometimes people borrow your phones and these may be people someone you know like your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or even your friend and workmates.

Surprisingly, they may be having a wrong motives and intention to invade into your privacy. Such people always tend to play smart on you in a way that after borrowing your phone and checking everything they want, like your WhatsApp, SMS and any other App, they clear the recently opened Apps.

Today, I will show you how to catch such people in a simple way that most people don’t know. This method will however work for Android phone users only.

To check if someone went through your phone, you can check the apps that have been recently used on your phone.

  1. Open your dialer (Dial pad)
  2. Dial *#4636#*#* to open a hidden testing screen
  3. Tap on Usage Statistics under the Testing screen. This will show a list of apps
  4. Sort the information by Usage Time
  5. Now you can see which apps have been opened on your phone and how long.


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