How to Save your Data Bundles on Android Phones, iPhones

Do you sometimes buy data bundle and in few minutes you would get a pop up notification that “You have used up 90% of your data”? If your answer is yes then you are in a right place because I’m going to show you what exactly to do in order to save your data.

I recently got a message from friend complaining about how fast his wife’s phone is consuming data. And he thinks it is because his phone is having a 4GB RAM but that is not the case because RAM of our phones doesn’t affect the way of phone consumes data

In this article, I am going to show you 5 easy ways to save data on any of your Android devices.

1. Background Data. 

Did you know that there are some Apps in your phone that use data in the background even when they are not open or actively being used by you? To stop this from happening, simply go to your > phone settings, > select data usage to see which App uses the most data. You can then tap option to restrict background Data on all Apps or tap a single App to restrict its background Data individually.

2. Automatic App Update

The thing about most Apps is that they are designed to search and download updates automatically when they are available on your Google Play Store. You can turn off automatic updates and be in control of which App gets updated on your data as opposed to it happening automatically. To do this, you will simply disable updates from your Google play store. I would recommend setting automatic updates only over Wi-Fi.

3. WTF

Here I am meaning the famous WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. These are the Apps that we use almost everyday and yet we need to take control of how much our precious data bundle (MBS) they take up. Especially photos and videos because they use up the more. With WhatsApp, you can turn off automatic download of photos and videos using your data bundle. You can do this by simply opening your > WhatsApp setting, > choose data and > storage usage, select the option when using mobile data, and uncheck. For Facebook and Twitter, simply go to the settings and turn on the data saver option.

4. Operating System Updates

Android devices also have the operating system updates, just like apps, your phone’s operating system gets updated once in a while. You need to stay in control of how these updates use your data bundle (MBS) by following these steps; > Open your phone settings, > select “About phone” and either turn off the update or choose to use Wi-Fi.

5. Backup and Reset

Lastly is “backup and reset”. Backing up your data is very important but you can choose to turn this off and only backup your data when you need to over Wi-Fi. Simply go to your phone settings, select backup and reset and then disable backup.

I hope this has helped you and you will now be able to manage your data bundles well.

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