FACTORY RESET is the process of restoring (taking back) your android device to the state where it was made in the factory. And your device’s memory will get back just as you purchased it.

There are a number of reasons that may arise, prompting you to factory reset/hard reset your device. For example, freezing of your device, maybe you have forgotten your password or pattern then the only way to recover it is hard reset.

NOTE: Before you start the hard reset process, you need to know that this action will erase (wipe out) all your installed Applications, downloaded files that is saved on the internal storage such as videos, music, photos and other files.

I therefore advice you to back up your downloaded Apps and files, contacts, documents and everything that you do not wish to lose. You don’t need to worry because anything saved in the SD card won’t be disturbed.

There are several reasons that may cause you to hard reset your device which includes your device being slow, freezing, not responding so fast as you want, or maybe you protected your device with pattern, pass code and unfortunately you forgot it. If your phone often force to reboot (restart) itself, you might want to perform a hard reset.

Factory reset your device below:

There is also one easiest way to factory reset your phone which is available under the setting menu. Under the setting menu, the exact location of the factory reset option normally varies based on your phone’s manufacturer and the phone you are using. When you see back up and factory reset option, you will see a factory data reset option which you can tap on and start the process right away.



This recovery mode (Factory reset) is normally not the same for every device. You may try different steps or reverse the step depending on the model of the phone that you want to perform the factory reset on.


  1. PRESS AND HOLD VOLUME DOWN (-) BUTTON AND POWER KEY SIMULTANEOUSLY (AT THE SAME TIME). It normally takes about 10 to 15 seconds depending on the type of the phone that you are performing the factory reset on.
  2. USE THE VOLUME BUTTON (UP AND DOWN) AND CHOOSE WIPE CACHE PARTITION. The volume key is normally used to scroll down and the volume up key to scroll up. They are used to navigate.
  3. SELECT WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET to wipe out any setting or any applications that could be causing the malfunction of your device.
  4. After wiping all your data, use the volume button to navigate and reboot your phone. It should be working well and restored to factory mode. However, there are some phones that will automatically reboot.

Your phone will turn ON and be reset to its factory setting. Your phone will restart and you will have to go through setup process again in order to start using it.


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