How to check For UACE Results using your Phone

UACE Results is officially released by UNEB and maybe you are wondering because you don’t know how to check for your friends or family members result. You are in a right place because I will show you how to do it right here in few simple steps.

To check UACE results on phone, go to your phone and in your message box, type UACE <space> INDEX NUMBER and send it to 6600.

For example, to check the UACE results of a student with an index number, go to your message box and type UACE U01688/455 and send it to 6600.

After the massage, you’ll then receive the examination results or registration details instantly. The SMS costs UGX 500 per candidate.

Step by Step to Check UACE Results with SMS

  • Go to your phone
  • Open message box or start a chat and type UACE <space> INDEX NUMBER e.g UACE U01688/455
  • Then send SMS to 6600

Common Errors while checking UACE Results via SMS

The index number you have entered is not correct. Please enter the index number in this format UACE U0001/500 and send to 6600.

This error may be caused by the wrong candidate’s index number, it is advisable that you be sure about the index number before sending the SMS. Every SMS costs UGX 500 whether successful or not.


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