How to bypass Screen Lock in TECNO Pouvoir 3 Air

Do you want to know how to hard reset your TECNO Pouvoir 3 Air? Have you ever been wondering how you can factory reset or wipe all data in your TECNO Pouvoir 3? How to bypass screen lock in TECNO Pouvoir 3 Air?

There are several reasons that would make you want to do this and whatever reason it may be, the solution is right here in this website and are about to discover it.

If you have been searching or asking the above kind of questions and you never got the answer, relax because you are already in a right website because in this article I will be able show you all the methods and procedures on how you can answer all the above questions in less than 5 minutes.


1. Completely Power OFF your device if it is ON. To power OFF your TECNO Pouvoir 3, hold the power button for about 3 seconds and swipe down to shut down.

2. After your device is completely turned OFF, press and hold the Power button simultaneously [at the same time]. Once the TECNO Logo appears on the screen, you may release your hand from both the Power button and Volume Up button.

3. Once you see the “No Command” appears on the screen, hold the Power button, then press the Volume up button to continue.

4. The Recovery Mode should appear on the screen. Here you will use the Volume up and Volume Down buttons to navigate through the menu. If you want to move down then use the Volume down button and if you want to move up then use the Volume up button. And the Power button to select the action that you want to take.

5. Since you want to hard reset you device, continue and scroll down to the wipe data/factory reset and press the Power button to select and continue.

6. Navigate down to Yes and press the Power button to confirm.

7. Lastly! When the factory reset process is successfully complete, select the “Reboot system now” and press the Power button to reboot your device.

8. Congratulations! You have just learned to hard reset you TECNO Pouvoir 3 Air today. And also remember that this method also apply to other devices too.

You can also watch the video on How to bypass Screen Lock in TECNO Pouvoir Air 3 (LC6)

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