In this article I am going to show you how to apply for a replacement of Motor Vehicle Number plate in Uganda when any of the following has occurred;

Where the number plate;

  1. Destroyed or damaged
  2. Lost
  3. Stolen
  4. Faded
  5. Etc.

An application can be made for a replacement of either one or both number plate.

NOTE: Whereas an application may be made for replacement of one plate, two plates are issued and the applicant is required to surrender the single available plate to the licensing office.

The application process is initiated by the registered owner from within the URA Web Portal Account. And I will show you how to do that.

  1. Visit URA Web portal, that is
  2. And click on Login at the top right hand corner.
  3. Enter your TIN and Password in the Login and Password boxes respectively and click on Login
  4. Below the heading e-Services, scroll down and click on Motor Vehicle Registration, click on Applications, select form type as New Form, select purpose of Applications as Duplicate  and the system will lead you to the Purpose tab
  5. Enter the vehicle number (Entry is in caps without spacing eg UAR298Y). The system will auto-fill the section named Application for
  6. Select the application processing location from the drop down list as the place most convenient for the applicant.
  7. Select either Yes or No under question 5. Yes means that the motor vehicle was bought under warrant of attachment, this happens following a court ruling where motor vehicle is attached and sold to recover money owing. If you select Yes, The system creates an additional tab Section F
  8. Click on Section F tab, select the option applicable to the auctioneer. Police:  Where the motor vehicle is acquired from vehicle impounded by police and later auctioned. Financial Institution: Where the motor vehicle was bought from a Financial institution due to the original owner’s failure to clear their loan obligation. Others: Any other situation different from the other two above
  9. If you select No, click on the Next button to go to the Owner/Applicant Detail tab.
  10. Enter details as required. The grayed areas are not alterable.
  11. Click Next to go to the Duplicate tab
  12. Under Duplicate for, select Registration Numberplate. Select applicable option under number 2, if Plate
  13. Check the box with appropriate reason for the application for duplicate under number 3
  14. Select Yes or No as applicable and enter the applicable details if Yes
  15. Click Next to go to the Vehicle Details tab. All information here is non-alterable and the applicant does not need to fill anything.
  16. Click the Next button to go to the Attachment tab and select the appropriate attachments to your application.
  17. Click the Next button to go to the Payment details tab
  18. Click Register Payment
  19. Select the applicable Payment Mode from the drop-down list.
  20. Select URA Banker Name
  21. Click Submit
  22. A page will open with the following; Acknowledgement Receipt, Notice of assessment, Payment Registration Form
  23. Click on Print Form Button to print the application form


In addition to the application you also need a few other things. If one of your plate was lost then you will need to do the following;

  • Run an advert in any newspaper in Uganda showing the loss of the numberplate. (These advert can only be used if 14 days have elapsed from the date of advert).
  • Get a police report from any police station

And bring these items to the URA office

If the application was that both the Front and Back plates were lost or stolen;

  • Your vehicle must go for inspection at the police forensic unit either in Kibuli or Naguru where you will be issued a ballistic report.
  • Run an advert in any newspaper in Uganda showing the loss of the numberplates. (And note that these advert can only be used if 14 days have elapsed from the date of advert).

And bring these items to the URA licensing office

The applicant prints out all the above and submits together with all the other attachments indicated in this applications, to the office indicated after payment of the assessed fees in any bank of your choice

For more assistance you can call

0800117000 (Toll free)

0417444602 (Not Toll free)

0417444603 (Not Toll free)


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