How Jumia’s JForce Program is Transforming Lives in Uganda

In a time where many people are losing their jobs or businesses due to
the Covid-19 pandemic it has become crucial for people to think fast
to survive in this economy.

One of the businesses that appear to be booming is the online shopping business with many people opting to go online to make money.

Joseph Tenywa and Martin Baluku, are two young entrepreneurs who have
gone online to make money and survive in the new normal created after
the Covid-19 pandemic.

The two young entrepreneurs are both part of an online program known as JForce sales consultant program run by online shopping platform, Jumia Uganda.

The program allows people to earn a commission from sales made for customers of the online platform.

“I saw a friend of mine advertise it on his WhatsApp and when I talked to him about it, he told me how he was making money so I decided to join as well,“ said Joseph Tenywa.

Joseph Tenywa, one of the beneficiaries of Jumia’s JForce Program

The JForce program allows agents across the country to sign up and make orders on behalf of customers from Jumia. With each sale, the commission is then calculated and paid to the agents at the end of the month.

On how the experience has been for them, especially during lock-down, Martin Baluku had this to say, “It has been trying but I managed to push through and get customers most especially during the Jumia Anniversary campaign where I made sales of over 10 million shillings.”

Both agents rely heavily on social media to promote their businesses and have been lucky to see success with the program, “Not everything is easy, like every job and business, it has its challenges but it has at least allowed me to make my own money and even help support my family. I encourage young people especially to try it. ” added Joseph Tenywa.

Sam Kulubya the head of JForce in Uganda said, “The JForce program has allowed young people to tap into their entrepreneurial skills without the need to have capital, and it gives people the opportunity to make money from home using just their phone. We have seen some of our successful agents from all over the country earn good money and go ahead to start other businesses and provide employment to even more people.”

The program started in Uganda in 2018 and has registered hundreds of agents across the country with agents in Kampala, Jinja, Gulu, Mbarara, Mbale, Mukono and many more regions.

JForce is a program run by Jumia that allows individuals to earn commission by assisting customers to place orders on the e-commerce platform.


As a JForce agent, you earn a commission depending on the number of sales you do per month and the type of items you are assisting to sell.

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