Get to know Ambitious Mari, The Talented Celeb Logic Show Host at Gulu 8 TV

Many people are asking themselves who Ambitious Mari is after she appeared on Gulu 8 TV and did a fascinating interview with some Northern Uganda artists like OJ Maxwell over the weekend.

If you are among the people who wants to know more details about her and more concerning the new TV based in Northern Uganda then you are in a right place because we will be able to give you every details about Ambitious Mari like her real name, what she do, her real age, and more.

Well, Ambitious Mari La Favorite real name Marion William Akena is an eighteen (18) years old girl currently at one of the Secondary School in Gulu and she is in A’ level. She will be hosting a show called Celeb Login Show every weekend at 5:00pm on Gulu 8 TV.

Mari’s first Show on Gulu 8 TV was with OJ Maxwell on May 9, 2020 which she did so well that made a lot of asking who she is

You can always catch up with Ambitious Mari on Gulu 8 TV official YouTube channel and other social media platforms as she host her weekend show called “Celeb Logic Show”.

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