10 Online Businesses a Stay-At-Home Mom Can Do and Make Over 1M in Uganda

I have been majorly writing to young people on how to start a sustainable online business but today I want to talk to the stay-at-home moms who would like to do some online works and make some money.

This is for the ones who are able to use a computer or their smartphone well.

Social media and internet is a very big assets and there is a lot of people using it in 2023 to make a living.

We will look at 10 business ideas anyone can do anywhere in the work as long as they have the skills it take and a smartphone or a computer;

  1. Data entry services for businesses – making invoices, track expenses, track all costs that went into a building project, help a person with money-management problems track his/her spending, etc
  2. Helping kids do their homework via WhatsApp – Signup some kids that have busy parents. After school each day, they snap and send their homework, while you provide guidance and ensure they do it via WhatsApp/remotely.
  3. Whatsapp Handler – Helping a business to manage it’s customers on Whatsapp – Taking orders, confirming payments, chatting up new customers, saving contacts, posting pictures on Whatsapp status and so much more
  4. Picking and making phone calls – Making and taking inbound and outbound calls to and from many people on behalf of an organization.
  5. Startup a YouTube channel – Open a YouTube channel and start doing videos on topic you love or is well-versed with, it can be about cooking, beauty, fashion, etc. YouTube pays a huge money if you have many subscribers and many people who watches your videos.
  6. Helping estates to sell their power token – residential estates have meters that need to be recharged with power tokens. They drain accountants by asking them to handle this task. Any person can dispense these token and be sure to collect monies for it.
  7. Become affiliate for any product or service that is in high demand and find customers online.
  8. Editing and proofreading – If you have skills needed, editing and proofreading is one of the best way you can use to make money while staying at home. Just do your research and find the right way to monetize it.
  9. Blogging and Content Creation – As mentioned in number 5, making videos on YouTube already falls under content creation. I’m addition, starting a blog or creating contents for websites and social media can pay you huge sum of money if you do it well.
  10. Voice-over services

Also NOTE that ALL the above mentioned work can be done by a stay-at-home person as long as you have a computer, smartphone and an internet connection.

I am available to teach you and break down all these to you.

You can now schedule a one-on-one consultation sessions with me online or physically and I will teach you the best way to start a sustainable online business just by using your phone or a computer.

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