Twitter introduces Long Tweet for US Twitter Blue Subscribers

If you are a Twitter user, you probably already know that Twitter only allows 280 characters while tweeting. Well, sometimes you need more words and you are forced to use Twitter thread.

Today Twitter has officially introduced longer Tweets! If this is something you have been waiting for then keep reading.

Starting today, if you are subscribed to Twitter Blue in the US you can create longer Tweets.

According to communication from Twitter, most standard functions of Tweeting still apply, whether you want to post a picture, use a hashtag, or create a poll. But now you can type all the way up to 4,000 characters. For now, longer Tweets on web cannot be saved as drafts or scheduled to send later.

If you are worried about longer tweets and more scrolling, Twitter says they will be capped at 280 characters on your timeline and you will see a “Show more” prompt to click and read the whole Tweet.

Lastly, while only Blue subscribers can post longer Tweets, anyone and everyone can read them. you can reply to, retweet, and quote Tweet a longer Tweet, no matter if you’re a Twitter Blue subscriber or not. subscribers will be able to reply and quote tweets with up to 4,000 characters.


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